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http://www.voyagix.fr/ generating accuracy and power.

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http://www.voyagix.fr/ generating accuracy and power.

Natural Golf Instructions

The Natural Palm Grip is the first departure from standard technique. Traditional methods teach golfers to hold the club in their fingers, but Natural Golf places the club in the palms. The left hand (nearest the end of the grip) is slightly strong (rotated clockwise), http://www.voyagix.fr/, with the ‘V’ formed by the thumb and forefinger pointing toward the right shoulder. The right hand, however, is turned so the palm faces more toward the sky. The club’s grip runs along the lifeline of the palm; and the thumb is slightly to the right side of the grip. It more closely resembles the way someone might hold a hammer.

The stance is wider than shoulder width, and the head is slightly behind the center of the stance. Unlike a regular setup, in which the club shaft and the arms may form a ‘Y’ shape, Natural Golf has a straight line running from the left shoulder all the way down to the clubhead. Natural Golfers uses leverage to develop clubhead speed. Hitting the ball feels as if you are driving a nail with a long handled hammer.

The most dramatic difference in the Natural Golf setup is the address position. The ball is placed just outside the left shoulder. It is positioned in relation to the shoulder rather than the feet because the stance is so wide. The ball is placed as much as 36 inches away from the body when using the driver, because the club is held so the shaft forms a straight line with the right forearm. The straight lines formed by the club shaft and arms eliminate excess angles in the swing, allowing a simple back and through hitting motion, Michael Kors canada, generating accuracy and power.

Finally, instead of setting the clubhead directly behind the ball, Christian Louboutin Pas Cher, the golf sets it as much as 18 inches behind the ball for the driver, new balance canada, decreasing to around 4 inches with the sand wedge. This position allows the hands to be on the body’s centerline.

In the backswing, the left arm reaches a position parallel to the ground, dvd, no higher, and the wrists are fully cocked. The right hand reaches shoulder height, and the club shaft points over the shoulders but doesn’t get anywhere near parallel to the ground, as it would in a traditional swing.

On the downswing, the uncocking action begins as the golfer tucks the right elbow against the right hip, then rapidly straightens that arm toward the ball. The hands stay ahead of the clubhead until the ball is struck, then the club "releases" on its own as momentum carries it through to the finish. Again, the movement is very similar to the action of driving nails with a hammer.

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