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titleist ap1 714 Near the end of the round they played the 17th hole

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titleist ap1 714 Near the end of the round they played the 17th hole

The most amazing golf shot you will ever see

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I worked at the on course snack stands at the Olympic club during the week leading up to the us open. Got to serve him a cheeseburger and watched him tee off on one; just me him and a course caddy. The guy is very large and very serious. Quite an intimidating fellow honestly and he just beats balls all day I snagged a couple srixon practice balls he had as me and a pro shagged balls for him after he was done. Also met luke Donald (signed a bunch or pro v 1s for me and my coworkers) mickleson (great tipper!) and Jason dufner. Freddie Couples, Mark O Mike Weir and Big John Daly were all there.

Near the end of the round they played the 17th hole (obviously heh) that is an uphill par 3 with the ocean behind the tee box. After they finished the hole, titleist ap1 714, John Daly teed one up on the fringe as everyone waited to watch as he BLASTED one into the ocean. I need to mention that the drop from green to ocean was probably 100 feet and he bombed it easily over 400 yards.

The next hole my dad and I decide to go up the 18th fairway and watch the tee shots. I walking down the right rough at around 240 when all of a sudden a ball flies straight over my head, missing me by 2 feet. Every year during the practice rounds before the Masters tournament, the players entertain the gallery by dropping a few balls and trying to skip a shot across the water and onto the green. Just for fun. This was not pulled off in any kind of tournament setting.

In my opinion, this is the most amazing golf shot you will ever see.

Tiger Woods in the 2005 Masters, perhaps the most important golf tournament in the world. It the final round, and he is clinging to a one shot lead on the 16th hole. He has pulled his tee shot left of the green, in a nearly impossible position. He has almost no room on which to land his pitch shot, and there is almost no hope of getting his 2nd shot anywhere near the hole. The greens at the Masters are legendarily fast, so in order to execute the shot he must aim way, way, way away from the hole and use the slope of the green to bring the ball to the cup. All under immense pressure, he must hit the most delicate and precise chip of his life, in order to maintain his slim lead in the most important golf tournament on the planet.

What happens next is nothing short of miraculous, and, titleist ap2 714, as I said, the best golf shot you will ever see. It a shot that requires some golf knowledge to appreciate, but trust me, it is second to none.

Edit: For those as sleepless as I am who love golf videos, here are some more amazing shots:

Double Edit: Zeus Beard! Just woke up to a lot of comments and even some Reddit Gold (courtesy of /u/i2occo). Glad you all enjoyed the clips. Happy Holidays, ping g25 driver!

Phil Mickelson off the pine straw. Second shot to the Par 5 13th, also at the Masters tournament. Over 200 yards to go, titleist 915 d2, off the pine needles, titleist ap2 714, with a tree right in front of him and water guarding the green. A shot only Phil would attempt. Probably the greatest shot he has ever hit.

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