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titleist ap2 714 as a matter of fact with the PS4 and XB1 being so close in terms of hardware

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titleist ap2 714 as a matter of fact with the PS4 and XB1 being so close in terms of hardware

Xbox One finally breaks the PS4

After an 11 month run at the top of the sales charts, the Xbox One finally outsold the PS4 in November in the US and UK. In the US alone, Xbox One sales totaled an impressive 1.2 million units in November. We don have a specific figure for PS4 sales during the same period, ping g25 driver, but it was probably very close 1 million units at least, at an educated guess. Is this a sign that a turnaround is on the books did the library of Xbox One games hit critical mass? or is it just the predictable result of the deep discountsthat Microsoft has been pushing for the last couple of months?

Last month, as you might expect with the orgiastic excesses ofBlack Friday and Cyber Monday, was a massive month for every console in the US but according to the third party market research firm NPD, Microsoft Xbox One came out on top. In a separate interview, an Xbox exec confirmed with Gamespot that the Xbox One was indeed the top dog in November. Sadly, neither Sony or NPD has released any data for the PS4 but hey, after months of Microsoft reticence, I guess it time for Sony to be the silent and brooding one.

In case you were wondering, the Wii U also did pretty well in November we don have an exact number of console sales, but NPD is reporting 710,000 sales of Super Smash Bros for the Wii U, which is pretty impressive considering the game was only available for the last week of November. Yes, if you are holding outfor some kind of Wii U renaissance based on the long overdue release of some killer first party titles, then you might just be in luck. Maybe. The two new Pokemon (Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire) are also doing very well, and driving strong sales of the 3DS.

Anyway, back to the primary battlefront:Xbox One vs. PS4. As you probably know, the PS4 has seen some incredible sales since launch in November 2013, outstripping the Xbox One in every key territory. At last count, exactly a month ago, the PS4 was sitting at around 15 million units sold, versus 10 million for the Xbox One. Clearly, the Xbox One had a very good month in November but a) that doesn mean that the PS4 had a bad month, and b) don forget that the Xbox One is currently being sold for $350 or less, versus $400 for the PS4.

It was hard to say no to Xbox One Black Friday bundles like this

It also worth pointing out that the US and UK are historically Microsoft/Xbox strongholds while the PS4 has been winning the eighth generation console war in both territories, the sales gap hasn been as pronounced in the US or UK as the rest of Europe or Asia. It is not massively surprising that, with some Xbox One bundles coming in at $150 less than anequivalent PS4 bundle, titleist ap2 714, Microsofthad a stronger Black Friday and Cyber Monday than Sony.

What remains to be seen, however, is whether Xbox One sales will remain strong through the Christmas shopping season and, more importantly, whether sales stay strong once the Xbox One returns to full price (the discounted price is meant to be temporary, but something tells me it might stick).

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Tagged InYou do know that 3rd party exclusives are common practice in the world of consoles.

Why people are acting like it is an evil practice when it comes to Sf5 and ROTR I will never understand. No one bitched about Metal Gear Solid 4 or Bloodborne.

Then you have Beyonetta 2. Hell the PlayStation One was built upon 3rd party exclusives. Examples Tomb Raider 2, Battle Arena Toshinden, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the dragon, a shit load of Final Fantasy titles. The practice has been fairly normal on the Xbox systems as well. Neither Sony or Ms had any internal game development teams when they started. If they were purchasing exclusive games that were already finished on both systems and then making the dev trash the other consoles version then that is bad business. In the case of Tomb Raider and Street fighter Sony and ms are funding the development as well as participating in the development. How is that a bad thing?

5 years? Are you dense? Games don sell for five years. I would say two at most and maybe three if they release a greatest hits version. Most of it is in the first year.

Here the problem with your breakdown, If you would have read your wiki source you would have read that the 192k and 175k were ONLY IN THE US. Next time don skim. Infamous sold over 500k the first month.(400k the first two weeks) GLOBALLY. It sold 300k copies the next month and sold steadily through the holidays until it had significant drops in sales. Sunset Overdrive sold over 200k in the first week GLOBALLY and then the sales dropped significantly every week there after and if it isn selling that well during the holidays then it definitely has no chance afterwards. There was a slight boost from black friday sales but pretty much its dead in the water now. Even with black friday boost it sold more in the first week then in the last month combined. No one on xbox wants the game and no one is surprised and that why its a flop.

Yes and unfortunately, Sony and Microsoft will both increasingly feel the need to buy exclusive rights to games in order to secure better sales for their system.

You seem to lack historical context, Microsoft has been buying exclusives for years. Sony generally did not pay for exclusive games but would support studios (much different strategy, with the later being more risky). It looks like that is changing, but you aren exactly applying the accurate historical context to your words.

This is what happens when you you get two consoles with similar hardware (this generation has seen the smallest hardware gap between two front runners in console history) and similar third party support. You have to start giving people a reason to buy your console, titleist ap2 714, or both.

This has been happening for years. Console manufactures have always looked for features or content that makes their system unique. Atari had cartridges while Pong was limited to a few games built in. NES had ROB and the Seal of Quality, meaning software had to be blessed by Nintendo. Sony ushered in the CD for consoles and the DVD for the PS2 with limited success with BluRay in the PS3. MS added the Hard Drive and a real operating system with the Xbox and added very developer friendly features to the X360 which helped it become such a success via the ease of production.

All unique features that the time that were salient features that were attractive to buyers.

The exclusivity of games is nothing new at all, as a matter of fact with the PS4 and XB1 being so close in terms of hardware, that will help insure fewer 3rd party exclusives over the term. For the moment it seems MS has a lock on some and Sony on others, but if they aren first party games generally it only a matter of time before they go elsewhere. The finances will dictate it unless the game is a huge stellar success on one system.

but, to be fair, I did enjoy me some Road Rash on 3Do, and luciennes quest. I also like time gal and sewer shark on sega cd as for those products being media they were, but lacked the ability to maintain with currently used formats. Sega CD for example, taylormade r15 driver, really has issues with any format of cd used other than the original retail CD, anything with different bit rates, read speeds, etc would simply not work. Gab a cd made today, and I can play it in my ps1, the same cannot be said of the others The best though, is that Sony carried on with reshaping and pioneering multimedia in the home, raising pars with the PS2, and breaking barriers on the PS3. Now though, the frontier seems to be digital, and Sony came prepared for that in every effort to interconnect, while also helping to reduce the clutter. Despite never naming themselves as all in one consoles, the PS family has been just that.

sorry, repairing, selling, and trading the products in question undeniably makes me far more experienced in the field than your immeasurable enthusiasm as if enthusiasm alone amounted to anything.

He saying just because you owned a shop and worked in the field for 30 years it doesn make you the pinnacle of knowledge in the field! At all!

Furthermore, titleist ap1 714, my electronics training was provided by a former Lockheed Rocket Scientist and most of my brothers have worked in the Electronics field for years! One of my brothers currently installs radar systems with the highest level security clearance in pretty much every one of our allies and he has to troubleshoot to the component level if things fail. And in spite of all this experience, I know we still have a lot to learn.

Dude owning a store makes you a salesman and my skills repairing this stuff as an enthusiast I guarantee would run circles around you! GUARANTEE IT!

I remained an enthusiast because I didn want to hate my hobbies or I would have turned it into a job.

And yeah, had Trash 80s, Ti 994A, Atari XL, and Commodore Computers back in the day. Even had a Timex Sinclair 1000.

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