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titleist vokey sm5 The Proper Form

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titleist vokey sm5 The Proper Form

What Does the Right Elbow Do in the Golf Swing, titleist vokey sm5

The Proper Form

A fundamentally sound golf swing has the right elbow close to the body all the way through contact with the ball. Once the ball has been struck and the swing transitions into the follow through, titleist 915 d3, the right elbow will rise up and away from the body as the club continues over the left shoulder and into the finishing position. The right elbow position is so important because when it is not in place, titleist 915 d2, it has the potential to throw the club off the correct plane and to disrupt the desired spine angle. If the right elbow can be held close to the left, titleist 915 d3, it is virtually impossible for the right to drift from the body. Another training drill involves practicing the backswing with either a golf glove or club head cover tucked under the right arm. If the right elbow remains in place, titleist vokey sm5, the glove or head cover will not fall to the ground.

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